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The Lead & Succeed Community provides business owners and managers to organizations with personalized group leadership training in the digital age.

Are you a manager looking to elevate your team's performance and drive success through effective leadership?

Enroll your new supervisors in our comprehensive 6-month program designed to equip them with the skills, tools, and mindset needed to lead confidently and succeed in their roles.

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Curated Online Training

Each month, participants are introduced to carefully selected training modules. These modules, determined by the most pressing leadership trends and challenges of our times, offer valuable insights.

Monthly Discussions with Mentorship

An integral component of our program is the monthly live discussions with mentorship, as well as a monthly Pomodoro study group. Participants have the opportunity to interact with seasoned mentors and other group members.

A Community of Growth

The program emphasizes community-building, allowing participants to connect with peers across different industries, roles, and experience levels. Such interactions often lead to innovative discussions, a broadening of perspectives, and potential cross-sector collaborations.

Flexibility and Convenience

With its blend of online modules and monthly mentor-led discussions, the program is both structured and flexible. This ensures even those with the busiest schedules can partake, making elite leadership training accessible to all.

In essence, the 6-month "Lead & Succeed" program isn't just another leadership course. It provides a transformative journey for your new supervisors that combines knowledge, community, mentorship, and hands-on application. This program promises tailored outcomes to address your organization's unique challenges.

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Why Choose Lead and Succeed?

  • Tailored for All Supervisors

  • Practical Leadership Skills

  • Expert Guidance

  • Interactive Learning

  • Networking Opportunities

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6-Month Access to the Lead and Succeed Community


Per Participant

  • Monthly Curated Live and Online Trainings on New Course each Month
  • Three 2-hour Sessions for the First Three Weeks of the Month
  • Small Group Learning
  • Monthly Action Plan Course Workbook
  • Networking with Other New Leaders
  • Resources, Templates, Guides to Download
  • Updating of CEO with Feedback After Each Class
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Transforming Leaders, Boosting Engagement, Reducing Turnover with Comprehensive Training Resources 

Invest in your team's future success by enrolling your new supervisors in the Lead and Succeed Community. Equip them with the leadership skills they need to excel and drive your organization forward.

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